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Stop filling your pipeline with nothing but hope!

No matter what you do, no matter how many people you call, or how full your pipeline is,
you’re barely hitting the numbers you need to hit at the end of the month.

And you keep asking yourself the same questions:

How do I find better leads?

How do I get more people to say yes?

How do I close more deals without feeling pushy?

How many conversations do I have to have before I feel comfortable?

How do I make this easier and less stressful?

Practice your sales skills with live group coaching

One-on-one sales coaches will charge you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Even group classes can cost $1000 or more a month.

Sales Practice Lab is only $150 a month!

By joining, you will have weekly access to:

Small Group Role Play

Purposeful practice with other salespeople will help you develop confidence in asking the right questions the right way in your sales conversations with prospects.

Expert Advice

Ask questions, address concerns, or field ideas to both me and your small group before starting a situation-specific roleplay based on your experiences and questions.

Group Support

If you’re struggling with a situation or question, other people are too. Getting support and advice from other salespeople increases your knowledge and morale.

Sales is hard enough; nobody should do it alone.

Getting better at anything takes time and dedication, but finding somebody that can coach you and help lead the way will make it easier and more successful.

Would you like to benefit from the lessons I’ve learned over the 20 years that I’ve been selling?

In the last three years, I’ve coached and/or roleplayed with almost 300 people.

Curious what some of them have had to say?

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Who Am I?

I’m John “Small Mountain” Hill, owner of Adapted Growth and podcast host on Sales Showdown. You’re here because you know there’s a better way to sell, you just don’t know where to start. I approach sales a little differently than most of the big-name sales gurus. For me, it’s about building trust with prospects and selling with empathy for my prospects’ pains and needs. If you’re here, that probably appeals to you.

As a lifelong salesperson and business owner, I know how hard it is to work on developing your conversational skills and pushing through discomfort on your own. You can only roleplay with friends and family so much, and practicing sales calls in front of huge groups at conferences or networking events is a nightmare!

That’s what makes Sales Practice Lab so helpful. You gain all the practice you need to take your sales conversation skills to the next level, and you get to do it with the support of others in similar situations. On top of that, you get the benefit of all of the knowledge I’ve gained through 20 years of selling, struggling, and learning lessons the hard way. My selling abilities turned a corner when I joined a group and got a coach. Join Sales Practice Lab now and yours will too.

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